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Service Music

Emmanuel: God With Us   (CD or Digital Download)

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Sursum Corda / Sanctus
The Heavens are Telling
Album CoverMany years ago I composed this music to create a setting that was accessible to the average person in the pew but would also allow for heartfelt and expressive worship. Much to my surprise, this music has circulated around the world and has enriched the worship of many congregations.

The album was initially recorded as a congregational project at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Fullerton, CA, with the help of many gracious members of the community, and was produced as a tape. In 2005 I digitally remastered it so that it could be available on CD. Now, through the wonders of cyberspace it is also available for digital download in mp3 format.

(For Church use, please see the "Church Package" option below.)

Emmanuel CD
Qty: Price: $15.00 Shipping: $5.00

Emmanuel Download
Qty: Price: $10.00 Shipping: $0.00

If you order the digital download, I will send you a link so that you can either download the files individually or in one "zip" file (about 25 MB).
Emmanuel: God With Us   (Songbook or PDF file)

Emmanuel SongbookThis spiral bound book includes the full setting of the Eucharistic music. The Gloria is a full SATB arrangement, and the rest are melody line with chordal accompaniament. Those who have purchased the "Church Package" have permission to make an unlimited number of copies, and the spiral construction allows it to lay flat on the copier.

If you would rather have all the music available as PDF files, you can purchase the option which allows for digital download. This format can be read and printed with a free Acrobat Reader.

Songs include The Gloria, Kyrie, Lord Have Mercy, Hold Fast, Sursum Corda, Sanctus, Mystery of Faith, Memorial Acclamation, The Lord's Prayer, Christ Our Passover, Lamb of God, and You Have Come.

(For Church use, please see the "Church Package" option below.)


Qty: Price: $15.00 Shipping: $5.00

Songbook Download

Price: $10.00
Shipping: $0.00

If you order the songbook download, I will send you a link to a pdf file. In order to get the best resolution in the music, the file is quite large - about 30 MB -- so be sure you have either a high speed connection, or some free time!

Emmanuel: God With Us - Church Package 
(with Songbook, CD and Copyright Certificate)
Songbook CoverAlbum Cover

The Church Package allows for unlimited copying of the music for bulletins, musicians, and songbooks. It includes the Songbook, CD, and Copyright Certificate.

Church Package
Price: $100.00 Shipping: $5.00

The Church Package will be mailed to you in physical form and you will also have access to the digital versions through a link that will be sent to your email address.

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